Testing Made Better

The oil industry still relies in great part on paper wheel pressure charts. Those instruments cannot show intermitent pressure changes, have very low resolution, and are trivial to fake. All you’d need to do is just put your finger on the pen and spin the wheel around. Modern electronic instruments, like pressure transmitters combined with data logging and analysis software, solve all these problems. With a response time measured in miliseconds and the capability of recording hundreds of data points per second, measured down to a hundredth of a psi, it is long past time to put the paper wheel pressure chart in a museum. Timing is another area the oil industry lags behind in. We still use kitchen timers and the stopwatch on our cell phones. The test data ought to be timed to the actual test duration, and each data point ought to have a matching timestamp. With Axcel Testing Systems, you get it all.

Data Made Better

With good data you can make shop operations, customer interactions, and nearly any busines process better. Data is only as good as how its used which is why we partner with Momenta Tech, the premier software systems designer in the equipment industry.

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