Test Master Software

The source of most common problems in product testing is the human element. People take time to train on manual test stands, make mistakes, misread instruments, and can take an extended amount of time- weeks, even- to complete test reports. By automating your testing procedures, you will save time, save money, and accomplish more with the same headcount

With our Test Master software, any number of valves and instruments can be controlled and monitored. It is easy to use, and testing personnel can be quickly trained to operate it.

Axcel Testing System’s Test Master software is a comprehensive solution to all of your testing control requirements. We offer customized features to meet each customer’s exact requirements.

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Automated Reporting

Capturing data is one thing, but the time spent processing and interpreting the results is another monumental task altogether. Our software utilizes an automated reporting feature that eliminates manual post-processing of data and gives you instant results. Pass/fail criteria can be pre-programmed into the report and templates can be customized with your company branding information.

Lost reports? No problem! Since the raw data is always saved, the report can be re-created with the source data collected. No more having to re-test because of lost paperwork!

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